PARK is a young technological company in the capital market of housing.

We build the future and are responsible for the result. We have reliable homes for a quiet life that will serve you and your children.

PARK Company created by individuals who have united obased on voluntary consolidation of mutual contributions for participation in construction housing needs.

We use cooperative forms to meet the growing housing needs. Our main goal is to provide citizens with housing, and when completed, maintenance and management of residential buildings and adjacent territory.

PARK Company is carries out the following activities, with its own forces and involvement partners and contractors:

– service of objects;
– search of a land plot for construction;
– carrying out of complex planning and surveying works;
– obtaining permits for construction;
– is a customer construction of houses;
– construction of houses and public buildings;
– construction of civil engineering networks and necessary infrastructure with observance urban, ecological, health, firefighting and other;
– maintenance and repair of residential buildings and maintenance outdoors territory;
– carrying out of improved furnish and installation of more perfect equipment of a dwelling house and apartments;
– creation of infrastructure for operation of household buildings;
– implementation of technical housing and maintenance services of residential buildings;
– organization of consumer services;
– conclusion and control over the implementation of contracts related to the construction, operation and repair residential buildings and maintenance outdoors territory.


PARK is Kiev company complete the cycle initial analysis of land and marketing research to the commissioning of the built facility, interior design and management

Activity of the company unites directions: designing, development of building complex and real estate development. Among the company’s priorities are the creation of a comfortable urban environment and improvement of the quality of life of Kyiv citizens. This is the future we are creating for you and your children.

We implement modern projects with a large share of a unique component: architecture, design, modern innovative building technologies. The company stands for the original design solutions, trying to anticipate tomorrow’s day.

We strive to create complexes that provide people with comfort, safety and joyful emotions. Houses where you want to live. We create a space for life, embodying the idea of created comfortable life.


The strategy is based on social responsibility, innovation, the desire for knowledge. PARK uses the latest technology, modern equipment, implements ambitious projects and seeks to move forward. We are not standing still and we are constantly developing, introducing advanced building technologies, using new investment tools and constant modernization of the management system.

Successful experience, innovative technologies, attentiveness to trends and caring for our customers are the components of our company’s success. The business model created by the company is successfully operating in the market. In the design and creation of residential and office premises, innovative construction techniques and modern engineering systems are used.

We put our hearts into our projects! And they differ in a thoughtful concept. As part of our activities, we carefully integrate exclusive residential complexes of club format into the existing building. We love our work. Our company employs only highly qualified and enthusiastic professionals, people of word and deed. Any of our projects, we bring to the end – and this is one of the basic principles of our activities.


We think about people and strive to go beyond the standard idea of construction, creating the conditions for the implementation of the ideas and plans of our clients. At the heart of our concept is a living person, not cold concrete and square meters. In work, we focus on the wishes of customers. From the choice of site for new projects to the form of payment of the contract, from architecture to functional ergonomic layouts.

The popularity of our projects is a combination of high quality construction and care for the needs of our clients. PARK is not just building houses – we carefully think over all the necessary social infrastructure for comfortable housing. Functional, modern and convenient layout of buildings – the company takes into account the needs of all categories of future housewrights and tries to create the best conditions for living in the built residential complexes.

In our courtyards, you can spend time with neighbors and friends, not to worry about the safety, quality of education and leisure of children. PARK offers a new way of life, the essential components of which are a great location, author architecture, functional planning solutions and advanced engineering, as well as a developed infrastructure of the residential complex and the surrounding buildings.


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