Residential complex LOFT PARK located at st. Zheleznodorozhnaya, 32, in Solomensky district, city of Kiev.

The architecture of the residential complex is performed new black – Loft style.

The loft, like contemporary art, attracts artists, photographers and sculptors. Interior designers find in the walls of the loft a platform for the implementation of their creative ideas, journalists and writers-solitude, actors-a place for creative gatherings in a circle of friends and associates.

The ability to emphasize your own individuality attracts in the loft and business owners. More often there are cases when wishing to settle in Loft inhabitants of capital sell the standard apartments.

1st turn, house handed over

Phase 1 – already put into operation.

This is house, with expensive exterior finishes, high-quality materials, reliable plates floors, networks and everything necessary for life.

Panoramic windows, outer and inner masonry of red bricks, creating the atmosphere of the loft.

The house is commissioned. At this stage, work is completed, transforming it into a cozy apartment complex.

The house has already been summed up: gas, water and sewage. Добротные кирпичные стены, элитная наружная отделка дома. Дом уже имеет профессиональную круглосуточную охрану.

Особенностью дома и квартир в нём является наличие красивых больших окон. Высокие потолки и возможность перепланировок дают возможность производить все необходимые ремонтные работы с удобством и легкостью. Владелец имеет возможность изменить планировку на свой вкус.

Settlement: I Quarter of 2019

The cost of apartments

Rooms Square Price per square meter Apartment price
у.е. uah у.е. uah
1 24,75 667 18000 16508 445500
2 39,65 667 18000 26447 713700
1 29,40 667 18000 19610 529200
1 33,77 667 18000 22525 607860
1 36,30 667 18000 24212 653400

Due to the universal combination of modern engineering systems and natural materials used for construction, LCD Loft Park apartments are becoming a convenient place for family life, as well as a profitable purchase of real estate in Kiev.

2nd stage, 2nd house

Apartment layouts

The cost of apartments, 2nd stage

2-nd floor: 13 000 uah / sq.m

1-st floor: 12 000 uah / sq.m

The atmosphere in the house is built on the cordiality of the hosts and when there is attached an interesting space it is very cool. Loft style apartments serve as a backdrop for experimentation and self-expression.

The Loft style is from USA. The audience attracted by loft projects are people who do not represent themselves in the four walls of the standard multi-storey building. The choice of loft apartments is not only a choice of accommodation, but also a way of life.

Recently, the list of fans of the loft is noticeably expanding: for housing and work people of different professions, lifestyles and habits choose them: employees of IT-sphere, private teachers, lawyers. Loft Style apartments are chosen by those who have their own view of the surrounding world.

In the future, you can expect the appearance of multifunctional loft blocks with a full infrastructure, including not only restaurants and health clubs, but also kindergartens a peculiar miniloft city.

Loffis is a unique format. They are perfect for a relaxing holiday with family, and for a friendly party, and for the presentation of a project to a serious audience of business partners.


The new house of modern architecture in the central area of the capital (between KPI and Karavaev dachas), the Polevaya high-speed tram station, 10 minutes on foot.

The first and most obvious advantage is the location: you can reach the city center by public transport or by car within 15 minutes. Direct departure to the city center. Victory Square, SEC “Ukraine” – 10 minutes.

The developed area of Karavaev Dachi, Industrial Bridge, stops of trolley buses, minibuses and city train, are located near the house. Walk to the nearest stop can be literally 10 minutes.

The house is located in a residential area, where there are all the necessary social facilities. Not far from the house there are parks, green areas, shops, supermarkets, schools, gymnasiums, kindergartens, many stadiums, sports complexes, sections, swimming pools, fitness centers.

As well as pharmacies, banks, radio markets, modern business centers, various cultural institutions, famous medical centers and the best universities in the country. In the neighborhood there is absolutely everything.

5 minutes from the house is the Center for Physical Education and Sports of the country’s leading university – the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI).

The house is located in a very good area. Despite the fact that the residence is located not far from the center of the capital, it is very comfortable here, like in the countryside, which is rare.

This is affordable housing, especially for you. A great option for living or renting. Buying this apartment is a remarkable investment.


We offer apartments without the renovation and with complex repair, according to the design chosen by you. Create an individual interior design, transform space to your taste, make it cozy and harmonious and at the same time functional and comfortable life!

From your style preferences depends, what colors will dominate, how the walls will be decorated and how lighting is organized and what will be the furniture.

Reliable home

House address

st. Railway, 32

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st. Kamenskaya 123
Art. metro Vyrlitsa


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