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We build a house, thinking about people who value time spent with family; love to receive visitors, expand the circle of communication, finding the community of interesting people.

The desire to unite people with a close income and similar values has become an inspiration in creating a quarter, where it is pleasant to spend time with family and friends.

METRO PARK will be able to boast of stylish architecture. The complex, made in a modern style, looks impressive from any perspective. The visual constant of balance and harmony, which are important for the family quarter.

Exterior walls will be made of bricks, and interroom and Interapartment partitions-from aerated concrete. The façade is insulated with mineral wool and plastered. Thanks to the range of unique characteristics, the house insulated, protected from the sun and weather, prolonging the life for many years.

The texture and quality of the cladding of the facades of the LCD METRO PARK Kiev underlines the author’s décor inspired by the proximity of the park and lakes, which adds elegance to the home.

All engineering systems are combined into a single dispatch system, which allows to react promptly to any emergency situations

At the living compound can really be quite comfortable and safe.

Complex landscaping provided on the territory. The house territory closed for outsiders, cars free and guarded (there will be access control, physical security, and video control systems).

All public areas of Metro Park will be under video surveillance and security, and access to the internal territory will be opened only with the help of a key card.

We want moms and dads to spend as much time as possible with their children. In METRO PARK you can not only relax, but also unleash your creative potential, learn with the child something important and very useful, learn to understand your child, hear it, communicate.

Families will find different attractive moments for their lifestyle. We create a cozy space for children, filled with creativity, in which they learn to communicate, learn new things, grow and develop.

In their free time from classes in kindergarten or school, the younger generation will be able to usefully spend on the game and sports grounds in the yard. Sites are equipped with the best equipment that meets all safety requirements.

Of the additional “buns,” we offer a “smart home” system that will help you optimally use energy resources and increase the safety of residents and their property. All communications will be centralized.

A good house is immediately noticeable, so we offer a stylish solution and a decent design in every square meter.

We build your dream, create a place for happiness. A reliable home for a quiet life.


We offer apartments, both without repair, and with complex repair, according to the design chosen by you. Create an individual interior design, transform the space to your taste, make it cozy and harmonious and at the same time functional and comfortable in everyday life!

From your style preferences depends, what colors will dominate, how the walls will be decorated, how the lighting is organized and what will be the furniture.


A reliable home

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