The residential complex located in Kharkov district of Kiev, on Kamenskaya street, 123, straight line race from Bazana avenue – 200 meters. It is only 400 metres at the subway Vyrlitsa and a 3-minute walk to the subway.

The distinguishing feature of Metro Park is the fact that the building is carried out in an area with already existing infrastructure.

All around are shopping and entertainment centers, fitness, cafes and restaurants, schools, kindergartens, sports sections, offices, supermarkets and shops of daily necessity

To those, who like a healthy life style and active recreation will be able to appreciate the residential complex, near which there is a huge park with forest and lakes. It is a real oasis for the inhabitant of the big city.


Near Metro Park are 4 lakes: 3 Forest Lakes in the park partisan glory and a huge lake Vylitz, on the other side of the subway.

Lake Vyrlitsa is a natural lake, 98 hectares, with several sandy beaches. There are 30 species of fish in Lake Vyrlytsia, among which there are species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, such as, for example, sea needles.

Being in the lap of nature, at the same time you do not feel apart from the comfort of the metropolis due to the developed infrastructure and excellent transport accessibility.


You can relax with your family outdoors 12 minutes (walk) from Metro Park, in one of the impressive green zones of Kiev is Nature Reserve Park partisan fame.

This is a favorite place for the townspeople to relax, leisurely walks with family, picnics with friends and outdoor sports. The park occupies an area of approximately 112 hectares, whose territory is forest.

In the park, in addition to the area of mass events, there are also a town of attractions with “Roller coasters”, running “Trains”, a carousel and a real autodrome for children.

Modern attractions – the rope town “Seiklar”, the new attraction “Swan Lake”, sports and children’s playgrounds are located near the historical “exhibits”.

At the entrance to the park there is an attraction – the Ferris wheel with a height of 9-storey house, from which Darnitsa is well viewed and the houses of Kharkov region.

The preserved natural forest is harmoniously complemented by park outlines – well-groomed lawns, tiled park paths with bright wooden sculptures on the edges, a wide pine alley, a decorative pool, a summer cinema, equipped forest lakes, equipped wooden benches along the avenues.

On weekends and holidays in the park there is music and fountains with LED backlighting.

Here you can choose the type of recreation you like, bicycle rental services are offered to bicycle rentals, there are free tennis courts on site, equipped sports fields, two football fields with a carapace and an artificial lawn.

In the forest-park zone there are convenient picnic glades, for guests from log cabins there are places for recreation.

The main highlight of the park is its nature, the pine forest has remained almost intact, it is complemented by white birch trees, oaks of various ages, lindens and mountain ash. In the forest park area grows more than thirty varieties of trees.

Cleanliness in the park is maintained by volunteers who remove garbage left by visitors from the site. Particularly interesting in the park is the five-kilometer “health trail”. Signage will help navigate the alleys of the park.

Walking along the paths of the park is pleasant at any time of the year. Especially amazing and fascinating winter forest looks. Ice skating on the ice of lakes, and lovers of a healthy lifestyle ski along the snow-covered paths of the park.

In the depths of the forest there are many squirrels, you can often meet hares, in contrast to the cultivated zone of the park, the animals here are not entirely tame, and feeding them with hands will not be easy. For birds in the trees in the trough, you can leave the grain and raw sunflower seeds.

In summer, the beauty of the park is replaced by another landscape – dense thickets of shrubs, a cool shadow from the trees and a blooming rainbow of plants on the beds in the garden area of the park.


The building in this place is not dense, which gives a sense of space. Yards are spacious, equipped with children’s and sports playgrounds, places for rest.

The massif has many lakes and beaches, which are a popular holiday destination. Today it is a modern area with developed socio cultural infrastructure and transport interchange.

You enter a new house, around which, within walking distance, already has everything you need for a comfortable life: nearby shopping malls, pharmacies, supermarkets, beauty salons, hotels and restaurants.


The main advantage of the new project is its excellent transport accessibility. The site belongs to the Kharkov microdistrict, with a well-developed transport network.

Along the avenue Bazhana located three metro stations. Buses and minibuses are constantly sent in the direction of Darnitsya, Troyeshchyna and Borispol Airport, located 15 minutes away.

Stops nearby:

st. Chernigovskaya:
А: 104
Т: 152, 177, 178, 529

Subway Vyrlitsa:
А: 324, 330к, 753, 807, 808, 941
Т: 474, 535
Many public transport routes passes Kharkov highway.
Tram routes – 3
Bus routes – 13
Taxi routes – 32
Post offices – 12

Physical Education and Sports

Special attention in the Residential complex METRO PARK is given to personal development and healthy lifestyle. A modern sports ground is being prepared in the courtyard.

And this is not just a place for sports, this is a place to meet with best friends and meet new ones, this is a place for your favorite hobby and, of course, to maintain your physical fitness.

Whether it is an evening of a difficult weekday or a sunny morning of Sunday, going out to the fresh air, warming up and playing team games will be the best way to relieve the accumulated stress and fatigue.

In the area are:
Stadiums – 2
Gyms – 69
Sports fields – 241
Shooting ranges, shooting ranges – 26
Swimming pools – 12
Gyms – 25


Near the site is the Lyceum “Intellect”, st. Armenian, 7, which is a structural unit of the KPI. Teaching is carried out in Ukrainian and Russian with in-depth study of English.


If you already have children, you will undoubtedly be pleased by the fact that there are kindergartens, a school and a clinic in the area.

A new educational institution has opened nearby – school №334. It is equipped with everything necessary for the modern educational process – interactive displays in the classrooms, special cabinets for foreign languages, sports halls, a shower and a digital “smart home” system.

The school has all the necessary equipment and technology so that children learn comfortably and receive European-level education. In particular, the teacher’s workplace is equipped with a computer, besides the usual blackboard, the classrooms have large interactive displays for viewing video materials.

There are also special rooms for learning foreign languages, a dance studio, a music and singing studio, three sports halls, a medical section, shower rooms, a psychologist’s office.

Primary school has separate playrooms and modern transforming desks. School – energy efficient. It has independent heating, with a heat pump system.

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